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Limoges, visites individuelles Office de Tourisme Intercommunal de Limoges 12 boulevard de Fleurus 87000 LIMOGES Phone : 05 55 34 46 87 E-mail : Website :

Throughout the year, the Limoges Town of Art and History department and the Limoges Tourist Office offer you a wide choice of themes, gatherings and media for you to explore the city's many faces.

Where? Above or below ground, on bridges, embankments and squares, underneath porches and lobbies, in workshops, factories and museums... You can explore the medieval, modern and contemporary districts of Limoges.

When? Mornings, lunchtimes, afternoons, early evenings or night-times, every Sunday and every day during the holidays... in short, whenever it best suits you.

What? The history of Limoges, a district, archaeological ruins, a variety of architecture, expertise (porcelain in particular), famous people, social history, works of art... over thirty different themes for enjoying the city.

How? Tours with guides or storytellers, armed with compasses or just a spirit of adventure, for keeping fit or just a casual stroll, whistle-stop or in-depth.


Open all year by reservation.


Guided tours rates are available on the website