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Limoges, Ville d'art et d'histoire

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Pays et Villes d'art et d'histoire
Limoges, Ville d'art et d'histoire Hôtel de Ville - BP 3120 87031 LIMOGES Phone : 05 55 45 93 65 E-mail : luc_fattaz@ville-limoges.fr Website : http://www.ville-limoges.fr/index.php/fr/decouvrir-limoges/ville-dart-a-dhistoire

The City of Limoges obtained the "Town of Art and History" label in 2008. This label raises awareness of material and intangible heritage, town planning and architecture. In partnership with Limoges Tourist Office, the Town of Art and History municipal department offers tours, walks and activities throughout the year for people to find out more about Limoges' treasures. It coordinates activities carried out by tour speakers.

The Town of Art and History department conducts educational activities in particular, both inside and outside school hours. The activities on offer aim to help people read the town, understand its history, learn about their place in space and time, and read the architecture.

The city is approached from three different angles: "settling, building and developing'", "creating, manufacturing and trading" and "living together". The activities can easily link up with history of art teaching (spatial, visual or everyday arts, etc.).

Using tools, clues and questions, the tour speaker involves the child in each stage of discovery: sensitive perception, description, researching information, deduction and imagination. The guide adapts the content, tools and approach according to the pupils’ ages and the aims expressed by the teacher