The network of roads porcelain Limoges in Haute-Vienne currently consists of 22 representative of the diversity and history of porcelain in the department sites.

Indeed, the network includes:


- Historic sites (old quarries kaolin Marcognac, oven Casseaux);
- Museum (Musée National Adrien Dubouché Conservatory of Arts and Techniques Lachaniette);
- Iindustrial companies and their factory (Bernardaud Carpenet, Jacques Pergay, La Vie en Rose) stores;
- Craftsmen and painters, with direct sales to the workshop (Cadau, Goscimski, Blue Morpho);
- Specialty shops (Lachaniette, PERL);
- Bed and breakfast boutique offering stays by the discovery of porcelain (Mr. and Mrs. Chastagner).


Note: Sales Department Haute-Vienne tourism can organize trips or tours, for groups or individuals on the theme of porcelain.


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