Portrait - Porcelaines Jacques Pergay



Jacques Pergay manufacture has now moved back to Limoges, on the other side of the river. It welcomes you in an authentic atmosphere. Each porcelain piece is 100% handcrafted from modelling, casting, finishing, glazing and firing by true artisans! 





Production emphasizes on aesthetic simple and creative. Mostly white, the beauty of the porcelain being in its shape and texture, as well as in its delicacy and transparency.

From table top pieces like plates, cups, bowls... to accesorizes like vases, candleholdes and now christmas trees, Jacques Pergay serves both for gift pieces as for fine dining restaurant. It now proudly supplies worldwide famous restaurants such as George V in Paris, Celler can Roca in Girona, Daniel in NY...



Jacques Pergay and his daughter Aurélie are inspired by nature, textile and travels! Their fotografic eye catures the essence of the shape that is then transformed into porcelaine. Their first collections were based on nature with lotus leaf and banana leaf. It moved to textile with the smock collection based on Aurelie's childhood dresses.




Their creativity is unique since their originality is to work on shape and texture rather than on the painting. The goal is to create a fine translucent porcelain, in the beautiful Limoges tradition. it makes sense to chose handmade Limoges porcelain when selecting their creations over industrial ones. Besides their refinement, each piece can be used in daily life. Each piece is dishwasher safe.