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Véronique Fraissais 9 boulevard Louis Blanc 87000 LIMOGES Phone : 05 55 34 28 86 E-mail : veronique.fraissais@sfr.fr Website : http://www.veronique-fraissais-porcelaine-limoges.com

Véronique Fraissais was born in Nantes and arrived in Limoges in 1984 where she held a position in the company Jacques Coudamy (Studies and building furnaces for ceramics ) until 1996 . In 2004 she meets Jacques Coudamy that will teach him the process of making porcelain beads. Pearls are formed and color directly on the porcelain piece depending on the temperature (patented system) .


They decided to create the company SERP ( Search and Porcelain Limoges ) to market these pearls . Veronica goes well , by himself , create different patterns and decorate porcelain pieces ( boxes , vases , pendants ... ) .


In 2014 , the company stopped PERL , Véronique Fraissais off again in autoentreprise .


Open from January to June and from September to December , from 10am to 12pm and from 14h to 19h , Tuesday to Saturday.


July and August from 10h to 19h , Monday to Saturday.


Free entrance.


Ms. Fraissais resumed activity PERL she founded in 2008 with Mr. Coudamy . Partnership with Carpenet porcelain (technical and local) . Search in materials and decoration. Unceasing innovation. Method beads. Art. The company will participate in the 2016 days crafts.


Tour in English and Spanish.